Teresa Klokkenga Photography | FAQS

Why is a design consultation important?

Many reasons!  I get to learn about you and listen to what you would like to do with your session.  Every session is mind-bogglingly unique, as are the people in it, so we’ll have a chat about the direction we want to go in.  If you'd like, this session may take place in your home, and we can walk through your house and discuss what image products might work for you.  I might take a few photos of your walls to use later when designing wall displays for you.  We’ll also go over any questions or concerns you might have, discuss wardrobe, and I’ll share tips and tricks to make the session smooth.  There will most likely be follow-up emails to nail down final details, and for you to ask any lingering questions.

Q:  How many images will I receive?
A:  The exact number will vary.  My style is photojournalistic, meaning that we just go have fun and I create great images of you interacting and having a blast.  I take many photos during the session, and afterwards I select the very best to edit.  These selected images are then crafted by hand to bring the image to its full potential.  Every image you will see represents the best of the session.  Overall, I don’t shoot simply for volume of photos, I shoot so that you will get high quality images that you can hang in your home with pride.  People who commission images from me don’t do so because they want a thousand pictures.  Rather, they value carefully crafted work and trust my eye to create and select that for them.  
No matter how many images are created, clients consistently seem to have ten to twenty absolute “favorites” that they want to print and use frequently.  I guarantee 30 images by contract, though many people end up with 40-60 to choose from.
Q:  I'd like to have a family/newborn session, but I'm afraid my kids won't cooperate.  What do I do?
A:  If you head over to the “Kind Words" section of this website, you’ll find that this is a very common concern.  But because the session is all about your family doing normal activities and having a good time together, the kids often end up not wanting to leave!  I’m pretty sneaky at making things fun.  During our consultation, you can tell me about your kids and we’ll plan the session around what they’ll enjoy.  I’ll also send over a special bag of tricks of ideas to keep in mind, and we’ll be sure to go over any specific concerns you may have in our consultation before the shoot.
Q:  Can I have location and/or outfit changes?
A:  The short answer:  Sessions last up to two hours, and we can use that time however you wish.  The real answer depends entirely on your goals.  These photos are about who you are and how you spend time with those you love.  It’s ultimately your interactions and expressions that will make you treasure an image, not so much what you’re wearing or where you’re standing.
In our consultation, we’ll discuss what “look” you’re after for the shoot.  We typically designate a broad area - your home, a forest, a section of downtown - and walk around making the most of that area.  (Newborn shoots tend to take place at home.)  This approach allows you to relax into the session and enjoy yourself while I create a wide variety of images. Depending on your goals for the session, a change or two may be in order, but the more changes you make, the less time we have to simply interact and have fun.  The best photographs are created when you’re having a great time and not worrying about what’s happening next.
Q:  Will I receive digital images?
A:  All sessions include access to online and Facebook-sharable images, which are web resolution and watermarked to prevent image theft by third parties.  These images may be shared online as long as the watermark remains intact, but web resolution images are not of printing quality.  If you would like to have the ability to print your own images, fully finished high-resolution digital files (with a print release) are available for purchase.  
Q: I see your sessions last up to 2 hours,
1. but I don't think my kids will cooperate for that long, do you offer shorter sessions?
2. can I break up my session into 2 smaller sessions?
A1: Yes. Watch for our mini sessions offered throughout the year on Facebook. They are perfect for families that don't think their children (or husbands) will cooperate for the full session
A2: Yes. I will split up "Bump to Baby" sessions into (2) one hour sessions before/after baby arrives and "Watch Me Grow" sessions into (4) 30 minute sessions for 3/6/9/12 month milestones! 
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